N1040-PR-F Temperature Controller

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The microprocessor based N1040 was conceived for low cost applications and yet achieving high degree of accuracy. It features a short depth enclosure of only 70 mm thus reducing panel space considerably. Another important innovation is the exclusive removable wiring connection block which translates into ease of use during installation process. It accepts Pt100 RTDs and thermocouples types J, K and T and features two outputs for control and alarm, universal power supply and automatic tuning of the PID paramenters. The N1040 is set to be the lowest cost temperature controller in the market while keeping high performance standards.

• Accepts thermocouples J, K, T and Pt100 RTD without any hardware change or recalibration
• Auto tuning of PID parameters
• Outputs: logic pulse (ideal for driving solid state relays) and 1 SPST relay
• The outputs are programmable for main control or alarm
• Alarm functions: low, high, differential, low differential, high differential, sensor break
• Two alarm functions can be directed to one single output
• A very efficient universal switching power supply provides high accuracy conditions even during mains voltage fluctuations
• Safe output function allows the user to set control output conditions in case of sensor break or failure
• LBD (Loop Break Detection) function detects failures in the control loop
• Simplified programming menu makes operator programming very easy
• Indelible electronic serial number with 8 digits can be accessed from the display
• Keypad protection prevents unauthorized programming changes
• Silicone rubber frontal keypad
• Front panel protecion: IP65

N1040-PR-F Temperature Controller
Input: J/K/T/RTD
Output: 1 relay + pulse out
panel: 48x 48 mm


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